I am a passionate advocate for community -- in Ward 5 and in the greater city of Providence.  As your Councilwoman, I pledge to continue to keep my focus on:


Neighborhood Safety

The most important thing we can do is to keep our community safe, whether it's getting ATVs and dirt bikes off of residential street, or working for a return to stronger community policing, and a greater police presence in the Ward.



Keeping Kids First

I will pursue all initiatives that help give children in the city the best education possible.  This includes supporting legislation and programs that promote:

  • rebuilding schools,

  • supporting teachers,

  • giving students greater access to resources


Looking Out for Our Seniors

Whether it's keeping their taxes lower, or keeping their water and sewer fees in check, protecting our senior neighbors in any way I can is very important to me.


embracing & Celebrating DIVERSITY

Food, art, music --there is a diversity of culture to be enjoyed, whether here in Ward 5, or in other neighborhoods throughout the city.  I firmly believe in celebrating the rich diversity of the communities I love that make up the city I love!