I'm Jo-Ann Ryan:

I Represent Ward 5 in Providence


"I promised reform, and I have kept my word!"


I've always been a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of person who’s not afraid to take a stand on the things I believe in. I know the importance of setting clear, achievable goals, and committing myself to doing all that I can to see that they are met.


As your Councilwoman, it’s my responsibility to work for the betterment of our City and the Ward in service to you —my constituents. I am honored that you’ve chosen me to represent our Ward on the Providence City Council; it has been more satisfying than I ever imagined and I thank you for your trust and your support.



Upcoming Events



My Mission & Vision


Fiscal responsibility is important to me, and as Vice Chair of the Finance Committee, I have worked with the committee to do more with less, streamline City operations, deliver a balanced budget, and keep an eye on City borrowing.

And Providence now has a rainy day fund for the first time in almost a decade — thanks in large part to the work and dedication put in by me and my peers on the City Council.


Stay Connected & In the Know



The best part of my job as your Councilwoman is the time I spend with you, my constituents, which is why I’m always working to keep you informed about news and issues that will have an impact the Ward and the city at large.

The following are the best ways for us to connect and for you to stay informed!

Attend a Community Meeting or Event

Our open community meeting is held the first Monday of every month (unless it’s a holiday, and then it’s held on the first Tuesday) at Mt. Pleasant Community Library on 315 Academy Avenue.

Check out the upcoming meetings and events:

Connect on Social Media

If you’re on social media, please like and follow my official City Council Facebook page or connect with me on Twitter.

Make a Donation

I can’t do this alone, and any monetary help you can give will go toward the work I’m doing to keep our Ward clean, safe, and vital for all who live here!