A Note from Councilwoman Jo-Ann Ryan

Press Release:

What I Stand For & Why I Want Your Vote

Primary Day is next week, and I hope that you'll cast your vote for me. I have met many of you in the community and shared my ideas and achievements with you personally. 

But for those of you whom I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I am sharing my most recent flyer/newsletter with you. It provides insights into my accomplishments as your Councilwoman in these first four years, and is an outline of my mission for the next four years to come.  I want continue working to make our Ward (and the City) a better place for all its residents.

Click the image to download and read your copy today.

And if you need a ride to your polling place on primary day, please call 401-464-2046, and we'll get you a ride so that you can vote!