Happy Earth Day!

The Importance of Preserving the Beauty of Our City

The End of Single-Use Plastic Bags in the City


This Earth Day, there’s much to celebrate in the City. Aside from the blossoming flowers and trees, I am proud to say that one of the most important pieces of legislation we passed in the Council this year, is our ordinance to eventually eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags by retail enterprises in the City — an ordinance I worked diligently to pass.

Plastic in our trees, sewers, and rivers and bay is a major source of pollution in the city as it is for the state, the country, the world. We all need to do our part and one of the most sensible ways to do this is to discontinue use of single-use plastics like straws and bags, which clog our water ways and oceans. This is an important move for us as the Capital city, and I appreciate the work of all my colleagues on City Council who assisted in the passage of this ordinance.

Read the ordinance here →

Read more about my work on this ordinance →


Beautification of our Parks & Green Spaces


Parks, recreation centers and green spaces are an important part of any neighborhood. They create safe spaces for our children to play, and beautiful spaces to explore year round. Maintaining and improving the parks & recreational spaces in Ward 5 is a high priority for me as your Councilwoman. In fact, each month during our Monthly Community Meeting we discuss the status of upcoming or ongoing renovation/rejuvenation projects in the ward.

Recent projects include:

Earth Day is just one day that we officially take time out to honor and respect our planet, but I will be working year-round to maintain and preserve the water ways and green spaces in our Ward and around our beautiful city.