Vehicles Forfeited for Illegal Operation to be Destroyed

Police & City Officials Announce Destruction of
Vehicles Forfeited for Illegal Operations


Providence, RI – Mayor Jorge Elorza, Public Safety Commissioner Steven M. Paré, Colonel Hugh T. Clements, Jr., City Council President David Salvatore and City Council Majority Whip Jo-Ann Ryan gathered for a press conference today to destroy 17 recreational vehicles that were seized by police and subsequently deemed property of the City through a Municipal Court forfeiture process.

“The use of dirt bikes and ATV’s on our City streets is illegal and they are a serious danger to the public,” said Mayor Elorza. “These vehicles will not be tolerated and we will continue to confiscate and destroy them.”

Last year, the Providence City Council passed an ordinance allowing Providence Police to confiscate recreation vehicles operating illegally on city streets. To date, police have seized 46 vehicles, 17 of which were forfeited to the City, and 60 summonses have been issued.

City Council President David A. Salvatore stated, “I said it in 2017, and I’ll say it again, ATVs and dirt bikes don’t belong on our streets or in our parks. I was proud to stand with my colleagues on the City Council to speak out against this issue, and to support the legislation that empowered the police department to take real and considerate action against those who would use or streets and parks for this illegal activity. I would like to commend the police for a job well done, and thank them for ensuring our safety today and every day.”

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