A Review of Projects, Programs, and Policy

An End of Summer Recap

Every August, City Council takes a break from the business of the City, and this gives me time to recap all of the great projects, programs, and legislative work that’s gone on in the Ward and on City Council. See my recap below.


Mt. Pleasant Park & Fields Update

Long overdue improvements were made to the park and adjacent playing field thanks to the joint efforts of the Friends of Mt. Pleasant Park and the Providence Parks Department. New benches and lighting were added, paths were re-graded, and fields and grass were re-landscaped to make the park and playing fields a more inviting place for Ward residents. A ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Majority Leader Ryan and Mayor Elorza on April 27, 2019 marked the official re-opening of the park.

George J. West Water Park Improvements

New umbrellas and updates to water features at the water park made it a cool destination for kids and families during the hot days this summer


Pleasant Valley Stream Project

As part of the ongoing Woonasquatucket Greenway there have been a series of projects within Ward designed to help improve water quality in the river and Narragansett Bay by extension. Local efforts in our Ward have been specific to preserving and improving water quality in the Pleasant Valley Parkway stream, they include:

  • Tree-planting for water filtration

  • Downspout workshop for rainwater management

  • Stations for collecting dog waste

Read more about the overall plan here.


This has been a busy year legislatively, here are highlights of legislative matters that Majority Leader Ryan has written or championed for passage:

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